Camp OSV

The CampOSV community will meet again the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December, in a joint event with the Future IoT summer school.

What is the Camp OSV?

We are a group of enthusiasts about Electric Vehicles and Free Software, which has been existing since 2016, and we meet regularly to discuss, work on prototypes, and learn about these subjects. We are based in the Rennes Métropole area, but anyone is welcome to join us in these events. Really, anyone: students, artists, companies, citizens, teachers, makers, scientists, engineers, designers, regional project managers, and more!

Many partners support our project since its beginning, among them are: IETR, INSA, LabFab, IRISA, IMT Atlantique.

For this upcoming edition, some workshops are already planned, and more will come. Here is a short list:

* Build a 3 wheels cargo electric scooter to move yourself and a small load
* Powertrain (everything from the battery to the engine, including Battery Management System (BMS) and engine controller, made with homemade electronic boards and running Free Software)
* Vehicles and IoT
* The workshop you will propose!

More information about the CampOSV community (in French) here <>.

Registration form (for participation in the CampOSV event only, participants registered to the Future IoT summer school will be able to access any CampOSV workshop) <>.

Organizer of the Camp OSV:

Tom Cornière
Florian Guillot
Alexandre Froehlich